Design Competition!

Want to see your original artwork on my stuff? Cool, because I want to showcase some of your art on my stuff. Submit your design by May 29th to I’ll be picking a winner, and plopping their design on shirts, mugs, the usual.  The winner gets to name the collection (with my approval), and pick the charity for June’s proceeds (also with my approval)! The winner will also get some free stuff.

I’m looking for creativity and originality! No restrictions. Feel free to design for any of the collections, keeping in mind that I’m starting a “science is cool collection!”

Submissions should be PNGs or JPEGs and at least 300DPI. Maximum size is 12x16 inches. 

Stay tuned for a logo competition! That’ll be next month!

By submitting artwork, you agree that all submitted material is original and not trademarked or copyrighted.  If material does not abide by these rules, the creator (person submitting works) is liable for all legal fees accrued by Dani Mini LLC or Danielle Minichino.