Who is Dani

I'm a 4th year biomedical PhD Candidate.  And a gogo dancer at nightclubs. It's totally natural for me to go from a white lab coat straight to fishnets and thigh high boots.

Unfortunately, I found myself tangled in a few stigmas that almost held me back from doing both of these amazing things at the same time. Would I be taken less seriously in the scientific community if they knew I also danced? Will I be deemed "unfit" for an academic position?  I decided that I wouldn't let these fears box me in. I was going to be bigger than the stigmas. 

My story is that of success, and my mission is to inspire others to step out of the box they may be stuck in.  I started this brand with that in mind, and decided to use this platform to donate a portion of the proceeds to charities.

Be genuine. Be you, Sis! 

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